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Course Highlights:

Export of engineering goods on deferred payment terms and execution of turnkey projects and civil construction contracts abroad are collectively referred to as ‘Project Exports’. Project exports involve numerous parameters with high risks due to geographical, economic, social, and political factors. The participants in project exports, namely exporters, banks, and government agencies, must be well versed in both local and foreign regulations.
To promote & facilitate the Project exports, the Government of India established Overseas Construction Council of India which was  re-designated as the Project Export Promotion Council of India Ltd.  PEPCIL is the apex coordinating agency for Project exports which include Civil Construction Projects, Turnkey Projects, Engineering Consultancy Services & Project Construction items.

Benefits of the Programme:

Who Should attend?

Course deliverables:

Customised Training:

The topics of the course can be customized to ensure that all Project Export Finance related topics are covered. Course is offered online facilitating participation from different geographic locations. Training can be customized to Class Room/Residential program suiting the Bank.

Programme- Project Export Program

  • IEC Code
  • Project EPC Membership
  • Web promotion
  • Construction/Engineering/Turnkey projects
  • RCMC-Registration Cum Membership,
  • Screening Committee
  • ECGC cover & Export Promotion Assistance.
  • Capability, Scope and types of clearance for project exports
  • Turnover/Net worth criterion
  • Minimum experience
  • Start up companies, Screening Procedure, SC Clearance & Validity
  • Review of Clearance
  • Overseas Markets, Political stability, Access to the country, Indian Mission role
  • MFN & other treatment.
  • Economic outlook of the country, Inflation, Development plans.
  • Local -Bank financing, Contractors, laws for tender submission.
  • Resident representative & local representative
  • Payment delays, Bank Guarantees, Visas & winding up
  • Bid competitors, Evaluation, Tax & Labour laws, Local material.
  • Turnkey & Construction Contracts
  • Civil Construction Contracts
  • Service Exports Contracts
  • Foreign Currency Accounts/Site Offices Abroad/ Agency Commission/Financial Requirements
  • Inter-Project Transfer of funds
  • Import of Equipments and Vehicles Purchased abroad
  • Bid Bonds & Guarantees for Project Exports
  • Cover for Supply Contracts
  • Cover for Turnkey Projects
  • Cover for Construction Contracts
  • Cover for Services Contracts
  • Buyer’s Credit & Line of Credit
  • ECGC and Exim Bank to provide adequate support to the Project exporters.
    • ECGC
      • Setting up of the National Export Insurance Account (NEIA)
      • Export Performance Guarantee Scheme

    • EXIM Bank
      • Financing & Advisory Services by Exim Bank
      • Finance for Rupee Expenditure for Project Exports Contracts
      • Supplier’s Credit for Deferred Payment Exports
      • Forfaiting
      • Lines of Credit

Programme Director

Mr. Anil Jain

Mr. Anil Jain is the former Asset. General Manager of Bank of Baroda. He is a veteran banker with extensive experience in retail banking, financial markets, and treasury operations in India and abroad.