ACI Dealing Certificate Exam Training

INR 20,000/- Inaugural Offer : INR 12,000
Overseas Learning - USD 400/- Inaugural Offer : USD 200/-

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Programme- ACI Dealings Certificate Training

  • Segments, main functions & structure for each of the Financial Markets
  • Distinguish between cash, Spot & Derivatives
  • OTC vs. Exchanges
  • Understanding functions of Front, Mid and Back Office operations
  • Understanding FX Global Code, Global Precious Metals Code & UK Money Markets Code
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  • Base Currency, Quoted Currency & ISO Codes
  • Understanding Dealing Terminology- FX Spot, Forwards, Swaps & Forward-Forward Swaps
  • Cross rates and Reciprocal Rates
  • Calculation of Forward Points based on Interest rates, Broken dates Forwards and Linear interpolation
  • FX Forward hedging, FCY Assets & Liabilities
  • Early. Late Settlement & Roll Over of Forward Contracts
  • Non-Deliverable Forwards-Structures & Features
  • Bid-Offer Spot & Forward Prices for Precious Metals
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  • Money Markets & Interest rates Capital Markets
  • Money Markets Instruments, Secured & Unsecured, Interest Yield & Discount, Borrowers & Issuers
  • Concept of Simple Interest, Compound Interest, present value, Future Value
  • Concept of Day Count Basis, FBD, MFBD & PBD conventions
  • Yield Curve Shapes –Theories & Hypothesis
  • Fixed Income Securities- Domestic, Foreign, Euro Bonds
  • Coupon, Zero Coupon Bonds, Covered, Sukuk, Junk, Callable, Convertible & Floating Rate Bonds
  • Repos- Custody, valuation of securities, Initial margin. Collateral Value
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  • Derivatives- Definitions, Risks, Advantages & usage
  • Forward Rate Agreement- Features, Pricing,  Valuation.
  • Interest Rate Swap- Features, Pricing, Cashflows,  Valuation, OIS
  • Interest Rate Futures- Features, Pricing convention,  Exchange parameters for Euro Dollar, Short Sterling,  Euro Yen and Euro Swiss futures, Initial Margin,  Variable Margin, FRA-Future arbitrage, FRA-Future  hedging, Futures valuation
  • Options- Option terminology, OTC vs. Exchange traded, Cap, Floor & Collar
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  • Risk relevance characteristics of Basel Accords
  • Risk factors for Market, Credit, Liquidity, Operational, Legal, Regulatory & Reputational Risks
  • Market Risks- Currency, Interest Rates, Equity, Commodities & Position, Settlement & Counterparty
  • Value-at-Risk (VaR), Duration, Basis point Value & Greeks
  • Dealing Room Structure
  • Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk- Measuring & Managing, ALM, Fund Transfer pricing
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