What people say

Treasury Orientation Program to be more exhaustive and I have been benefitted by this program to a large extent as the concept have been made crystal clea

– Mr. Ajay Kumar Bhan- J&K Bank

 I don’t believe with the kind of experience & talent SIFL has, there is any need to give any suggestions. It was a great training programme. I feel privileged to be part of it & I will try to implement all the learnings once I will get a chance to work in the dealing room.

– Mr. Tushar Sawhney- J&K Bank

The programme is organized in a systematic manner. Sessions designed to overcoming fear and building confidence. More homework assignments with regards to solving problems having mathematical calculations/concepts can be included.

– Mr. Ramisul Ahad- J&K Bank

 The program was a great learning experience for me which helped me to get a basic understanding of how various functions are being performed by the bank’s treasury department. Suggestion: The course could be made more beginner friendly.

– Mr. Anik Kumar Gandotra- J&K Bank

I am excited to hear that SIFL has begun offering training in Banking and Finance on the basis of global standards. Modern world scenarios of fast-paced changes make training extremely relevant. Banks and financial institutions must train their employees continuously to adapt to the new changes. My best wishes to SIFL in their mission.

– Shyam Chellaramani

 Such a good and valuable learning experience with teaching and lectures by experienced Market players who shared their vast experience and knowledge of the Market

–Mr. Vishal Chawla- Manager

Thank you SIFL for exposing us to the changing World scenarios and updating ourselves

– Mr. Siddhartha Chakraborty- Senior Manager (Treasury)-Indian Bank)

 More time duration required to understand the concepts with Case Studies and examples be explained with calculations. Mr. Ajay Rastogi explained the concepts in simple language to enable the participants to grasp the concepts. Thankful to Mr. P. V. Rao & SIFL for conducting the training.

– Mr. Shreyash Gulhane-Manager (Derivatives & Back Office)

Current scenarios and scams if discussed in details would have been useful. Self Assessments tests are very useful to test our knowledge

– Mr. Chintan Shah- Manager (GRD) - IndusInd Bank

The training was helpful. Not being from this background, still managed to learn a lot. Sessions were well defined because the sessions consisted of many new concepts to learn

– Mr. Joshua Kushero- Asstt. Manager (CGMO) - IndusInd Bank

The training program helped gain the knowledge to be used in day to day activity of Trade Finance and also to give quick solution to Trade Finance Customers

– Mr. Nagesh Gole- Deputy Manager - IndusInd Bank

This training program will help me while handling Trade related documentations. Overall, the Training was conducted very nicely, in simple language easy to understand, basic concepts of Trade Finance explained lucidly

– Ms. Priti Yadav- Manager (Opera House) - IndusInd Bank

The training was worth it and relevant for me where I got my basics cleared

– Ms. Samiksha Karnik- Asstt. Manager (PNA House) - IndusInd Bank

Syllabus and faculty are updated. Any queries to faculty were clarified immediately.

– Mr. Jayaprakash Kamath-Chief Manager, Union Bank of India

Overall program structure is really good, one session on marketing of Trade Finance products is very much required with focus on how to mobilize new customer in our fold. What types of strategies are adopted by peer banks to take over the existing trade finance customer

– Mr. Preveen Kumar, Chief Manager Union Bank of India

Overall training was very effective. But if possible one complete session on bill finance.

– Mr. Rakesh Kumar Rajhans, Manager IDBI Bank

Overall it’s very good and participants atleast will be aware of different aspect of trade and criticality. Very useful n knowledge based information

– Mr. Ajay Vishwakarma, SBM Bank

Physical session would have been really better.But nonetheless, I am really happy to have attended such a training programme

– Mr. Jeet Sahoo, Manager Treasury, Federal Bank Ltd.

All the session were of high standards. The topics covered every aspects of derivatives in the given time frame. But the contents were vast in the given time period to cope up with. It can be split accordingly

– Ms. Iswarya V, Asstt. Manager, Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank Ltd

The training was good and quite knowledgeable.

– Namith Kurian Mani- Treasury Sales

Structure was really great, Overall review is that it was really great and well-structured training program.

– Nakul A- Treasury Sales

The case study way of training was very good to understand and more effective.

– Ms. Sumayya charangan- RM

Great learning ang helps to enhace knowledge to deal with HNI CLIENTS

– Mr. Sachin Shelke- RM

Duration of the program can be increased to discuss more case study

– Mr. Arvind Gupta

We should get this training twice in year.To update knowledge towards product and trade policy .

– Mr. Tushar Bhalerao- RM