What people say

I am excited to hear that SIFL has begun offering training in Banking and Finance on the basis of global standards. Modern world scenarios of fast-paced changes make training extremely relevant. Banks and financial institutions must train their employees continuously to adapt to the new changes. My best wishes to SIFL in their mission.

Shyam Chellaramani

A major shift is underway in the banking and finance industry, with traditional industry facing major challenges competing with the digital age data companies such as Google and Facebook for banking and financial services. The transformation calls for strengthening of fundamental business pillars by training from institutes with an expertise in Banking & Finance. In my opinion, SIFL’s cadre of experienced bankers is developing training programs of global standards. Best wishes to SIFL in their endeavour for world class training in banking and finance

Ashok Aneja

In 2014, the Reserve Bank of India’s Committee on Capacity Building conducted an in-depth study recommending sustainable and methodological approaches to capacity building. In particular, the committee recommended that training programmes in Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury, Risk & Finance become increasingly important in these areas. I am happy to learn that SIFL offers global standard training programs in this crucial business function. I wish SIFL the best in their endeavors.

Anil Jain