About SIFL

Satya Devi Institute for Financial Learning (SIFL) established on 25th Nov 2020 under the Companies Act is Training & Consultancy organisation for Banks and Financial Institutions. SIFL’s objective is to deepen financial expertise across the country with cutting edge training programmes in all the activities of Banking & Finance.

With the growing world economy majorly comprising of formal financial assets , and as the geography gets more urbanized, the demand for sophisticated financial institutions is rising sharply. To expand capacity, we need well trained personnel in banking and finance. SIFL aims to contribute towards creating a new generation of bankers and financial managers that are up to the challenges of the modern economy.

To work towards its stated objective, SIFL has put together an eclectic team of professionals who will be instrumental in SIFL training programmes. These professionals include former and current bankers, both from the public and private sector, chartered accountants, economists from academia and industry, and public policy experts.

The modus operandi is up to date educational material and training modules that are delivered through online, classroom teaching and customised programmes. These are meant to be both in-house for organizations and available to others interested through open enrolments.