Bourse Training Program

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Course Highlights:

SIFL Treasury Bourse Program aims training of Treasury, ALM and other front office dealers on financial Market Asset Classes namely Foreign Exchange, Money Markets and Bonds . The program is the basic training needed for the front office dealers newly posted to the Treasury/Dealing Rooms/Global Markets divisions, Mid-office & Back Office.

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Customised Training:

Our training programs may be customized to meet the specific training and development solutions that match the needs of any organization and teams. Training courses can be delivered onsite, online or through a blended learning approach.

Programme- Bourse Training Program

  • International Trade Environment, Methods of Settlement, Trade Credit Policy
  • RBI Regulations related to RBI & Appraisal, Analysis & Monitoring of Export related Finance.
  • Reporting to RBI related to Exports
  • RBI Regulations related to Imports. Appraisal, Analysis and Monitoring of Import Finance.
  • Reporting to RBI related to Imports
  • Mechanism, Merchanting Trade
  • Trade Based Money Laundering
  • Understanding Forex Position and calculation of FX Position
  • Understanding Funds Position & the difference in FX Position & Funds Position
  • Forex Spot, Forex Forwards, Forex Futures, Currency Swaps & Options
  • Forex Sales,
  • Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis.
  • Forex Settlements, Deal Reconciliation, Follow up of Delayed funds & Settlement of Claims
  • Settlement through CCIL & CLS
  • Understanding Money Market & Instruments viz. Inter Bank Lending, Treasury Bills, Certificate of Deposit, Commercial Paper, Bills of Exchange.
  • Repo & Reverse Repo with RBI & Non-RBI parties
  • TREPs
  • Inter Bank Participation Certificates (IBPC) with and without Risk Sharing
  • Maintenance of CRR & SLR
  • Bonds Investments-Sovereign, Corporate and Banks Bonds
  • Regulation of RBI in respect of Bonds investments, AFS, HFT and HTM portfolio
  • Bond Ratings, Issuance of Bonds, Prospectus
  • Interest rate theories
  • Duration of Bond, Duration of Bond portfolio
  • Bond Pricing, Trading, Settlement of Bonds & Valuation
  • Interest rate & Bond derivatives
  • Forex Bourse Game
    • Bourse game to understand the Trading Position
    • Merchant transaction, RBI Intervention, Effect & Impact Political & Market News
    • Settlement & Valuation of Portfolio, Calculation of VaR
  • Bonds Bourse Game-
    • Trading Position, Understanding the portfolio-HFT, AFS & HTM
    • Duration of the Portfolio
    • Settlement & Valuation of Portfolio

Programme Director

Mr. P V Rao

Chief Executive – SIFL

Mr. P V Rao is the former Chief Executive of SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd. He is a veteran banker with extensive experience in retail banking, financial markets, and treasury operations.
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