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Considering the national objective of a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025, Indian banks need to mobilize their manpower to provide Trade Finance on a much higher plateau than at present in order to bridge the demand supply gap. The fact that majority of the work force has less than five years of experience or left over service, banks are experiencing huge knowledge gaps. Considering FEMA’s ever-changing scenario as well as other compliance concerns, desk officers should be capable of delivering the desired results to all stakeholders. In this direction, SIFL is providing a platform for training and improving the skill sets of bank employees.

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Customised Training:

Our training programs may be customized to meet the specific training and development solutions that match the needs of any organization and teams. Training courses can be delivered onsite, online or through a blended learning approach.

Programme- Advanced Trade Finance

  • Trade Credit Policy
  • RBI Regulations related to RBI & Appraisal, Analysis & Monitoring of Export related Finance.
  • Reporting to RBI related to Exports
  • RBI Regulations related to Imports. Appraisal, Analysis and Monitoring of Import Finance.
  • Reporting to RBI related to Imports
  • Understanding Documentary Credits with types of DCs, establishment of DC, Negotiation under DCs. Uniform Customs & Practices for Documentary Credits (UCPDC) ICC Publication 600. Uniform Rules for Reimbursement.
  • Uniform Rules for Collection (URC)
  • Trade Credits- Buyer’s Credit & Supplier’s Credit
  • Understanding the Merchant Trade & RBI Regulation
  • Conditions for classification as Merchant Trade
  • Permitted Goods/Merchandise
  • Commencement/Completion dates
  • Advance Payment for Export/Import legs
  • Time frame (TAT) for MTT transactions
  • Write off of unrealized amount of export leg of MTT
  • Third party payments
  • Merchant Trade to Nepal & Bhutan
  • SCF- Ecosystem & Benefits
  • Impact of technology & fintech on SCF
  • Receivables Discounting
  • Factoring & Forfaiting
  • Payables finance- Reverse Factoring
  • Loans/advances against receivables
  • Distributor finance
  • Advances against inventory
  • Pre-shipment finance
  • RBI regulations on FDI & FPI. FDI Process. FDI vs. FPI. Prohibited sectors for FDI
  • FIFP & FIRMS portals for Foreign Investments
  • Types of FDI- Horizontal, Vertical, Conglomerate & Platform. FDI Registration- Entity User & Business User
  • FDI Filing- FC-GPR, FC-TRS, LLP, DRR etc
  • FDI Limit- Excess /shortfall due to exchange fluctuations
  • FPI Guidelines for Registration to DDPs
  • KYC- Documents, UBO, Periodic Review & Data Security
  • FPI Investment Conditions- Limits- Investor Group/Aggregate Level, Off Market Transfers, Short Sale, Investments in REITS, Invlts & AIFS.
  • Offshore Derivative Instruments (P-notes)- Conditions, KYC & Reporting of ODIs (P-notes),
  • Guidelines for Foreign Investors to participate/function in the International Financial Service Centre
  • RBI Regulations on Overseas Investments (OI)
  • ODI- Definition, Application for ODI. Investment in ODI, Investments through SPV, Funding sources. ODI Prohibited sectors
  • ODI through Joint Ventures/Wholly Owned Subsidiaries. Automatic route for ODI. Limits for ODI under automatic route
  • Indian Subsidiary Vs Overseas Entity- Net worth
  • Overseas Portfolio Investment (OPI)-Investments opportunities, Types of instruments, RBI Guidelines & Benefits of OPI
  • RBI guidelines on ECB, ECB Benefits, Importance, Limits & Eligibility
  • ECB- Applying for LRN, Reporting of ECB, Charge creation for foreign lender, Hedging instruments for ECB
  • LRS Scheme Purpose & LRS for Resident Indians
  • LRS Limits, Consolidation of remittances
  • LRS for Joint Ventures, Private & Public Equity, LRS for Gifts, Medical Tourism, Education

Programme Director

Mr. Anil Jain

Mr. Anil Jain is the former Asset. General Manager of Bank of Baroda. He is a veteran banker with extensive experience in retail banking, financial markets, and treasury operations in India and abroad.
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